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JESS3 LA and OKC are Expanding: We Are Hiring Project Managers!

Last week, we announced open roles here in LA for Creative Directors, Art Directors and Interactive Designers. With dozens of resumes already pouring in, we are excited to make another announcement: we are expanding our LA and OKC offices with multiple openings for Project Managers! Is this you or someone you know? We want to […]

Young Money, Meet Old Money

If you didn’t catch what Gizmodo is calling “the most magical moment in Twitter history,” stop what you’re doing and make sure you follow good ol’ T. Boone to see what he might tweet next. (Image courtesy of Gizmodo.) As a fellow Oklahoman, and an alumna to Oklahoma State University, where energy tycoon Pickens also […]

Managing from the Heartland

If you’ve ever been forced to read the “The Grapes of Wrath,” then you might understand what the term “Okie” means. As a born-and-bred Oklahoman, not only was this Pulitzer winner required reading in my we-sit-in-couches-not-chairs magnet school education, but it was also a platform through which I learned that it was this very piece of literature that is responsible for casting a dark shadow over the state of Oklahoma and its reputation.