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Sarah Jaffe – “Shut it Down”

It seems young Texan songwriter-songwriter Sarah Jaffe has finally been getting the attention she deserves over the last year. Her haunting 2008 release, Even Born Again was one of my favorites that year, and was re-released by her label, Kirland Records a few months ago. Tomorrow, Sarah’s newest record “The Way Sound Leaves a Room” comes out.

Frank Ocean/Bridget Kelly – “Thinking About You/Forever”

High 5 Collective recently added to the mystery of the Frank Ocean track “Thinking About You” by releasing a mystical video for the melancholic track. The mystery in question revolves around which artist this song belongs to. Originally leaked as a Frank Ocean demo, it later came to light that it was written for RocNation’s Bridget Kelly, who has given several interviews talking about working on the song with Ocean – which, for Kelly, is called “Thinking About Forever” – and just released a video of herself performing the song on YouTube a few weeks ago.

Train – “Save Me San Francisco”

Every time we return to San Francisco, we fall in love with the city all over again. This cute video by Train is like a mini 4-minute romantic comedy and a love letter to one of the top cities in the country, all rolled into one.

Lil’ Wayne Returns to Rap Roots with Tha Carter IV

The years since the 2008 release of Tha Carter III have not been Lil Wayne’s best. There were eight months of a one-year prison term spent in Rikers Island, of course. And his misguided foray into rock with Rebirth left a bad taste in fans’ mouths that went uncleansed by the releases of I Am Not a Human Being and mixtapes like Sorry 4 the Wait. With the upcoming release of Tha Carter IV this Monday, August 29, Wayne demonstrates he’s still got what it takes to compete in the rap game.

Jay-Z and Kayne Mini-doc Generates Buzz for “Watch the Throne” Tour

Buzz and increased anticipation surrounding “Watch the Throne,” the collaborative album between Jay-Z and Kayne West, exploded again yesterday with the release of the mini-doc “Watch the Throne.” The 10-minute short follows the duo behind the scenes to learn and watch the creative journey of “Watch the Throne.” In traditional music doc fashion, it is fast paced and choppy—but it works.