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“Unfinished Business” Creates Awesome Stock Business Images

Take a look at what Unfinished Business, out this Friday, just did to promote their film. It’s safe to say that their marketing team deserves a raise. Working with iStock by Getty Images, Twentieth Century Fox has released a set of bizarre, hilarious stock photos featuring Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco. Four high-res versions of the stock […]

Putting the Strategy in Client Strategy

Made with love and learnings by JESS3. Originally presented by JESS3 Associate Director of Client Strategy Sheri Cook to the University of Oklahoma AdClub on November 27, 2012.

The Ever-Turning Tables of Social Media

With great power comes great responsibility. The internet a is powerful platform for people. Whether or not the people who utilize its power recognize the responsibility that comes with using the tool, people are free to use as they may (for the most part) without a respect or license, but with all the consequence. In the wrong hands the internet is like a brand new Porsche being put in the hands of a fifteen year old.

Label Me Do: A Look at Extraordinary Wine & Beer Labels

Wine label design has been so interesting as wine drinking has become more popular all over the world. There are some labels that want to make you judge the book by the cover, some that staunchly cling to their classic looks, some that try to emulate classic looks, modern and experimental ones, and also plenty of terrible awful stuff.

Using Kickstarter to raise an $11,000 book advance

My most recent article for PBS’ MediaShift details how a midlist science fiction author bypassed traditional publishing completely and raised $11,000 on Kickstarter. Despite the rosy outcome of his experiment, you might be surprised at his outlook on self publishing.

How JESS3 Drove 200,000 Views to a Video

With the breadth, depth and trustworthiness to warrant billions of pageviews monthly, Wikipedia is a cause célèbre in the techy community. It began with fits and starts, but has since blossomed to become a place where anyone at any time can settle (almost) any bet. Tracing the meteoric rise of Wikipedia over its first 10 […]

The Content Grid v2

It feels like it was just yesterday that we released the first version of The Content Grid with Eloqua. I remember it particularly clearly because pitching it was my very first project as JESS3’s newest hire last June. At the time, the infographic seemed incredibly complex to me, so I broke it down in terms that I thought anyone would be able to digest, regardless of their level of experience in content marketing: “The Content Grid is a visual guideline that plots out two things: 1) who should create content and 2) how it should be distributed for the biggest sales impact.”

teaming up with Eloqua for The Blog Tree

As a follow up to our award-winning marketing work with Eloqua (The Content Grid, The Social Media Playbook, and A Case for Content), we have released an exciting new graphic today: The Blog Tree. The Blog Tree maps out the marketing blog structure from the most prominent blogs at the roots through the leaves which […]