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Nike Surprises and Delights Top Bloggers with Childhood Dreams Come True [Updated]

If Nike called you and told you to drop everything to get on a plane in a handful of hours, would you do it? For several prominent sneakerhead bloggers, the answer was yes earlier this week as Nike flew a small group of them to Los Angeles as what seems to be part of a reveal of the long-awaited and speculated-upon Nike Air Mag sneaker, a replica of the self-lacing shoes Michael J. Fox’s character wore in Back to the Future.


How JESS3 Drove 200,000 Views to a Video

With the breadth, depth and trustworthiness to warrant billions of pageviews monthly, Wikipedia is a cause célèbre in the techy community. It began with fits and starts, but has since blossomed to become a place where anyone at any time can settle (almost) any bet. Tracing the meteoric rise of Wikipedia over its first 10 [...]


The Content Grid v2

It feels like it was just yesterday that we released the first version of The Content Grid with Eloqua. I remember it particularly clearly because pitching it was my very first project as JESS3′s newest hire last June. At the time, the infographic seemed incredibly complex to me, so I broke it down in terms that I thought anyone would be able to digest, regardless of their level of experience in content marketing: “The Content Grid is a visual guideline that plots out two things: 1) who should create content and 2) how it should be distributed for the biggest sales impact.”


teaming up with Eloqua for The Blog Tree

As a follow up to our award-winning marketing work with Eloqua (The Content Grid, The Social Media Playbook, and A Case for Content), we have released an exciting new graphic today: The Blog Tree. The Blog Tree maps out the marketing blog structure from the most prominent blogs at the roots through the leaves which [...]


the movie Lemonade

This recession has shown us that the near future is going to bring lots of unemployment. A theme I have been talking about forever! is the idea of a renaissance in artisan production and niche creative services. http://www.lemonademovie.com More than 70,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this Great Recession. Lemonade is about what [...]


The Vendor Client relationship

Real world Vendor Client situations – update: check out Kel Kelly’s post It’s “Agency” Not “Slavery” “Wikipedia defines slavery as a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be, or treated as, the property of others.”