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Join Me in Boston for the Future of Cause Marketing

The Beyond Cause Marketing Summit is committed to defining the future of how organizations engage individuals to solve social problems. This half-day summit will begin with a rapid-fire gauntlet of 1-on-1 interviews with leading practitioners and thought leaders, in which I am excited to take part. My interview is likely to focus on visual storytelling […]

5 Things I am Doing to Live a Better Life

If you happened to catch a tweet or check-in from me over the last two months, you’d have seen that I was in Oklahoma City and then in Jackson Hole. In addition to helping my former-McLaughlin-Group-now-JESS3-partner-in-crime Becca Colbaugh set up JESS3 OKC and taking my first vacation since 2009 with my family in Wyoming, I have been taking the time to reflect, recenter and refocus after going nonstop for the last 20 months.

A Look Inside How JESS3 is Scaling

September will mark my fifth anniversary at JESS3. In that time, I have seen more growth, success and failure than most see in a lifetime (mostly growth and success, but enough failure to keep me hungry and humble). And of all the things I’ve experienced as employee #2, the thing that gives me the most hope in an even brighter future is adding more talented team members.

The Art of Social Design

In an ever expanding, ever evolving online world, living in an echo chamber is a route towards obsolescence (and so is designing with web 1.0 browsers and UIs in mind, but I digress). To truly compete in this dynamic environment means a regular influx of best known methods and ideas from leaders in their fields.

Tech Cocktail’s Winning Mix

If the goal of this event was to provide local entrepreneurs an entertaining series of practical tips and tales against a back-drop of community, it was a remarkable success.