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#PoweringTomorrow by Visualizing it: A Look at the Advancements of Women Business Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a woman and as a business owner, I want to dedicate this post to the celebration of some really amazing achievements in the business world. I often employ equal parts optimism — for what can and should be — and realism — for what is and has been. But today, I want to talk optimistically about what it means for more women to be obtaining higher levels of education and heights in corporate America. It means women are acquiring the skills and building the networks necessary to take on the next frontier: entrepreneurship.

Call for Entries: 2012 Jay Chiat Awards

Advertisers, start your engines. The deadline to enter this year’s Jay Chiat Awards is approaching fast. July 13 is your last chance to pit your best ad against the top dogs of the advertising universe. Did I mention yours truly is judging? And I’m not an easy grader.

The Top 11 Wins for JESS3 in 2011

Looking back over the last twelve months, there are so many things we’ve improved upon and so many things in which we’ve taken pride. If we were to narrow in on eleven areas that delivered the most #winning for our clients and for our company, the list would look a little something like this.