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An Inside Look at JESS3 Bootcamp

It’s officially my first day with JESS3 and I suddenly find myself in a gym on steroids. To my right are kettlebells and my fellow Vice President, Becca Colbaugh. To my left is a menacing rope hanging from the ceiling (thought: Am I supposed to climb that?) and the woman instrumental in my new professional journey with JESS3, President & COO, Leslie Bradshaw. Welcome to JESS3 Bootcamp.

A Look Inside How JESS3 is Scaling

September will mark my fifth anniversary at JESS3. In that time, I have seen more growth, success and failure than most see in a lifetime (mostly growth and success, but enough failure to keep me hungry and humble). And of all the things I’ve experienced as employee #2, the thing that gives me the most hope in an even brighter future is adding more talented team members.