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Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah starts tomorrow, December 8th! Wish your friends a happy and properly-spelled holiday, courtesy of JESS3.

JESS3 Review: Myspace 2.0

I know its the social network we love to hate, but I like at least some if not all of the layout. It makes Facebook look so boring. It feels like tumblr + spotify + the old ghetto myspace crowd got older and more sophisticated.

Trouble Andrew Brings Impressive Sound

The other night I saw Yelawolf play at the House of Blues. Rittz and a band called Trouble Andrew opened the show. I was really impressed with Andrew’s sound. Hailing from Brooklyn, and looking like a hipster, he certainly looked the part. The music has a kind of vintage sound.

Rittz ft. Tech N9ne – “Bloody Murdah”

Jonny “Rittz” Valiant a Gwinnett County, Georgia native was a defeated artist working as a cook at a barbecue restaurant. Thanks to dedication, luck, talent, and a perfectionist’s approach to lyrics he’s finally making it.

Typeface Genius: Bubble Wrap

When Tokyo’s +81 magazine approached Lo Siento to design a cover for their 2011 September issue, the theme was “next creative.” Given the broad nature of the theme this could’ve gone many different ways. The end result was a typographic lettering based on bubble wrap that was injected with colored water.