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Text Blade – Never Leave Home Without It

As much as we love our smartphones, there’s nothing like a physical keyboard. But as much as we love our keyboards, there’s nothing like not having to lug around an entire office’s worth of equipment. Not exactly Sophie’s Choice, but frustrating? Absolutely. Which is why we love the Text Blade. Weighing just 42.5 grams, and […]

Meet My Friend Pucho

My friend Gabe Paez is on an adventure – literally and figuratively – with an iPhone. Actually, with 9 iPhones.

Hello iPhone 5!

The new iPhone just hit stores, and we’re taking a close look through the JESS3 telescope. Yes, telescope in the way that we’re looking from afar (from the end of the Apple store line) trying to size-up exactly what’s different about iPhone 5. Is it THAT much better?

Fashion and Tech, Married at Last

I’m five foot six… on a good day. That being said this new video by the one and only Diane von F├╝rstenberg for her Spring 2013 collection is probably the closest I’ll get to a catwalk besides, you know, winning a golden ticket, selling a kidney, or putting my family’s cat IBK (Itty-Bitty-Kitty) on a leash. No thanks, this will work fine thank you.

How Apple Lost the Next iPhone

The company is known as the most secretive in Silicon Valley, and leaks are rare. But after the phone prototype was left in a bar in the Silicon Valley town of Redwood City, photos of the device began appearing over the weekend in technology blogs, sparking a frenzy of hype among the Apple-obsessed. Before long, […]

$90 iPhone apps! and apps are the new software

whoa. so 2billions apps sold so far, 6million apps a day are sold.. and id love to find out what the most expensive app out is. This Navigon GPS app is $90. I think its awesome to see the prices go up on apps, and it goes to show the potential of such “software”. I […]