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Text Blade – Never Leave Home Without It

As much as we love our smartphones, there’s nothing like a physical keyboard. But as much as we love our keyboards, there’s nothing like not having to lug around an entire office’s worth of equipment. Not exactly Sophie’s Choice, but frustrating? Absolutely. Which is why we love the Text Blade. Weighing just 42.5 grams, and […]

Media Magic

Maybe iPad’s aren’t the death of print. Lexus has launched Cineprint™ to animate the advances of the new 2013 Lexus ES in a truly unique way.

the iPad Game for Cats

The iPad App Store features a whole host of cat games. There’s a wide variety, too. One is called Cat Game; another is called Game for Cat. One is even called Cat Toy! The New England Consulting Group has been studying this curious trend for months, and offers this actual quote: “The success in the […]


This reminds me of Alltop meets Feltron’s personal annual report meets friendfeed. It calls to attention the Lame design of most social networks. We users want a brighter layout like this. Let’s not look back!