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“Hit Me On My Twitter”

the overlays almost feel like vh1s popup videos… the song is definitely LAME. but if you are into social media its well worth the time. I love that he shouts out tweetdeck —– I posted about these videos before, but ill do it again and this time with screenshots! Mistah F.A.B. – Hit Me On […]

GreetBeatz – on demand custom raps (jingles)

I found an interesting marketplace for custom “raps” called Greetbeatz. I see this as an opportunity to perhaps write a viral rap, or a jingle for a client perhaps. They have a very social media heavy site, it uses the facebook and twitter apis to select the friend the track is about. Quite well done. […]


Raekwon was in this documentary “bling” which was filmed in africa, and it was a profile of the diamond industry.