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The 2011 Digital Advertising Landscape

Read our “6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011” on Mashable. As we continue deeper into a recession, we will see more deal-based advertising. Groupon and LivingSocial were right to make those inroads early. Sites like Gilt Groupe and PLNDR are being really innovative with their sales strategy, and it’s paying off for them. Location-based […]

the JESS3 designed Google Translate video

With the help of social networking and ever evolving communications tools, our planet is getting smaller each day. Long distance relationships, business or personal, that just years ago would’ve seemed difficult are now considered the norm. For example: JESS3 employs team members in more than 10 countries, from Paris to Argentina, Sweden to the UK […]

The Real Life Social Network by Paul Adams

Google researcher says friend groups may give it a window to best Facebook Paul Adams, lead for User Research for Social at Google, shared a presentation a few days back that was picked up by Venture Beat among others. Google researchers found that people typically have between four and six friend groups and only between […]

Google’s Superbowl Ad

Google says “Every search is a quest. Every quest is a story. These videos show that anyone can do anything when paired with the power of search.” Watch more Search Stories by Google at http://www.youtube.com/searchstories

Google Goggles

That sounds like a Tongue Twister right? http://www.google.com/mobile/goggles/ Google Goggles is a visual search app for Android phones, which allows you to search the web by taking a picture. To find information about nearby businesses, just point your phone at a store. Goggles will show you the name of the business, using the camera’s GPS […]

Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web built around the core tenets of speed, simplicity and security.