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JESS3 Visualizes the Epic Struggle Between Google+ and Facebook

What’s the biggest issue in social media today? It’s the subject of Social Media Magazine’s debut cover, for which I’m working on some drawings. I wanted to share the sketches that I’ve pulled together as the launch of the magazine draws closer. As I’ve written elsewhere, I don’t believe that Google+ is anywhere near replacing Facebook […]

Google+ 1.0

If for no other reason, the excitement around Google+ is warranted because it demonstrates Google’s commitment to doing social right. After experiments-gone-awry by the names of Wave, Buzz and Orkut, Google is back in the game with a product — or “project” as the company prefers to call it — that is hot.

First Look at Google+

We’re getting an early look at Google+ here at the JESS3 offices. A lot of the early buzz (pun intended) notes that Google+ (Google Plus for SEO purposes) is an answer to Facebook. Playing with it for the past two days, I’d have to agree – although at this early stage it’s like Facebook with […]

Google Goes Gaga

Here at JESS3 we love Google and with their Musicians@Google Presents: Google Goes Gaga, they have blown us away again with their clean motion graphic on Ms. Gaga’s rise to fame. Be sure to watch the video and Google keep up the killer job!

our Gmail stop motion commercial

Proud to announce the launch of another awesome project with Google today. The video was done entirely in stop motion animation and papercraft (making of down below). We worked closely with the Gmail team to depict the web-based browser coming to life, walking across the table and jumping into the iPhone, where it is an […]