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Beyonce and Jay-Z Bust-a-Move for Obama

Most mornings are uneventful. I wake up, glance at my phone to ensure there aren’t any frantic texts about missed planes or needed conference line numbers, go running and then sit down with my coffee to check over the early bird emails that I couldn’t check before I went to bed. Yesterday morning, however, I woke up to this in my inbox:

Gmail, The New Place to Meet

Just when you thought Gmail couldn’t get any better, it does. On July 30, Google brought peer-to-peer social network interaction to a whole new level, with its integration of Hangout into Gmail.

Making our stop motion animation Gmail spot

It was with great pleasure that we announced the release of our stop motion animation video for Gmail yesterday, filmed earlier this year with the help of our incredibly talented production team in Los Angeles. We were so awed by the beautiful work and detail that went into every minute aspect of the video – […]

our Gmail stop motion commercial

Proud to announce the launch of another awesome project with Google today. The video was done entirely in stop motion animation and papercraft (making of down below). We worked closely with the Gmail team to depict the web-based browser coming to life, walking across the table and jumping into the iPhone, where it is an […]