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Interactive Projections Will Blow Your Mind

We have just one thing to say: these interactive projections by artist Aakash Nihalani are bafflingly gorgeous and mesmerizing. They’re cool enough in a still image. But check out what happens in GIF form. The best part: the people in these GIFs aren’t following a pattern. The pattern is following them, meaning every interaction with […]

Feelers – Adding A New Dimension to Text

Designer Ari Weinkle calls his Feelers project “a typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages.” We call it amazing, unsettling, and strangely gorgeous. His gifs and stills of letters recreate the motion of the font and the creatures that inspired them. What do you think? Dazzling, disturbing, or a little bit of both? […]

Storytelling Through Gifs

It is a truth universally acknowledged that gifs are awesome. They’re endlessly shareable and make the perfect punchlines to your favorite Buzzfeed lists. But like any visual platform, there’s always potential for more. For instance: animated storytelling. Artist Stas Santimov composed his short story, The Midnight Game, entirely in gifs. Check out the awesome result below! Want more? Take […]

PSA: Dumb Ways to Die

“Dumb Ways to Die” is a cute, gruesome, fantastic musical PSA commissioned by Melbourne Metro (that’s Australia for the layman). Had PSA’s been this interesting when I was little I’d have paid alot more attention to them (would’ve saved me from putting a screwdriver in an electrical outlet).