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ringing in the New Year with Bravo and Foursquare

Bravo made its understanding and love for geosocial known back in early 2010 by launching a deeply involved branded foursquare page, one of the first of its kind. To end the year, the network invited their followers on foursquare to check in for a chance to see their profile name and picture appear live on […]

48,949 I Voted foursquare badges earned as of 11 pm EST

So how are the foursquare check-ins breaking down? Studying the http://elections.foursquare.com/ site (powered by foursquare, designed by JESS3), we are seeing it as a little more dispersed than you might have guessed. Specifically: 48,949 total check-ins23,256 different venues58% male42% female The big guns…1. California: 7,074 check-ins2. New York: 5,941 check-ins3. Pennsylvania: 2,377 check-ins4. Florida: 2,374 […]

real time Election Day foursquare check-ins visualized by JESS3

As of 5:30 PM EST, there have been 28,959 check-ins at 16,233 polling locations with 59% of the check-ins coming from men and 41% coming from women. Check out the map we designed and are powering with foursquare’s API data, which was geocoded with help from Voting Information Project (Pew / Google / Engage). More […]

live from the STS-133 NASA Tweetup

As I write this, @Astro_Ron (Ron Garan) just wrapped a briefing on stage about his experience in space and trip coming up in March 2011. To my right, there is Jason @Goldman, Twitter’s VP of Product. He just finished telling us about his educational background in astro physics and remarked of Twitter’s logo next to […]

I Voted

The JESS3 team has made no secret about its interest in and passion for geosocial. And, with our roots in DC, civic participation through voting is close to our hearts. We also pride ourselves in helping C-SPAN leverage social media in their coverage during the 2008 Elections, where we designed and developed the Convention Hubs […]

the first check-in from space [VIDEO]

Today NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Douglas H. Wheelock made history by executing the first check-in from space using Foursquare. Published to his Twitter feed, @Astro_Wheels officially unlocked the NASA Explorer Badge. NASA TV captured the footage, Houston confirmed it over the radio and JESS3 helped produce the video. All in a day’s […]

Huffington Post Introduces Badges and Social Rewards

“if you’ve flagged a number of inappropriate comments that we ended up deleting, you receive a “Moderator” badge.” – Arianna Huffington The Moderator badge allows you to more actively participate in this process. If you are a Level 1 Moderator (earned by flagging at least 20 comments that we deleted, with a high ratio of […]