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#PoweringTomorrow by Visualizing it: A Look at the Advancements of Women Business Owners [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a woman and as a business owner, I want to dedicate this post to the celebration of some really amazing achievements in the business world. I often employ equal parts optimism — for what can and should be — and realism — for what is and has been. But today, I want to talk optimistically about what it means for more women to be obtaining higher levels of education and heights in corporate America. It means women are acquiring the skills and building the networks necessary to take on the next frontier: entrepreneurship.

How Sassy Magazine Inspired a Future Female TechStar

Today, we take the issue of female-founded start-ups head on with Nestio’s CEO and Co-Founder, Caren Maio. On the heels of the much tweeted about and commented on article by Mark Suster (“Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?”), Caren’s background and approach provide a window on the solution to the imbalance.