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Chapeaus by Chilli Philly

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you raised your hand, please leave. For everyone else, may I present the work of Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson, who deals in crochet, Instagram, and a serious(ly great) case of terminal mopeface. Pizza headgear not quite your thing? Maybe you’re more of a left coast type. You need a taco. […]

State Tastes

Picture this – you’re traveling the US. Maybe your dream road trip, or maybe just a business trip. Either way, you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, and you’re hungry. But you’re also curious. You want some local flavor – literally. I mean, when in Rome, right? In Philadelphia, where do you get a cheesesteak? In […]

Food Photography: Nature and Artifice

A lot of the food we eat has been engineered not for nutrition or even taste, but for beauty and longevity. How can you tell? Just think about the last time you looked at a Red Delicious apple. Now think about the last time you ate a Red Delicious apple. Case closed. Inspired by this […]

Soigné Small Plates with Chef Jacques La Merde

Never let it be said that JESS3 doesn’t love food. Sure, sometimes the food scene can get a little too pretentious. But that’s what happens with artists. Like Chef Jacques La Merde, one of our favorite new faces on Instagram. At first, his feed looks like any other molecular gastronomy experiment. But look closer. Is […]

Snacking at SXSW

Every year, JESS3 participates in SXSW. It’s a can’t-miss event for so many reasons, one of which is the city of Austin itself: the people, the weather, and of course, the food. And then we spotted this BBQ segment on Nightline and guess who we saw. That’s right! And, with that in mind, we thought […]

3D Printed Health Food

Printed candy? Shut the fuck up! No, it’s true. Check out this. Also, check out all these facts. Here they are. I told them. Did you miss it? It’s just the rough, so shut the fuck up. This is the ending. Where this is available or whatever. Go to hell. Source:  

Haute Cuisine, Pt. I: “Deconstructivist Cuisine”

I’ve always considered food to be the most direct connection to a culture, so in a 3-part blog series I’m going to cover cuisines that push the limit about what we come to expect from food, warping aesthetics, changing structure, taste, blending cultures, and making us question what’s edible. In this first part, “Deconstructivist Cuisine,” I’ll look at El Bulli as a case study and a shining example of this culinary movement.

Eating The Message

Ingredients make visual storytelling a delicious success. Pie charts are literal, cookbooks are visual, and call-to-action messages bring in the scents. What inspired this post? A 5th grader’s science project whose online success has displayed the triumphs of visual storytelling and reveals something about our culture. We are Eating The Message.

Why the f*@# should we care what Zach Golden wants for dinner?

Originally posted on Forbes.com. I met Zach Golden, creator of What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? (WTFSIMFD), at the Nonick Conference in Bilbao, Spain earlier this summer. WTFSIMFD hit the interwebs hard in 2010; being picked up by the likes of The Huffington Post and Boing Boing, getting nominated for a Webby Award, […]

Innovative Cooking

Mad Chef

At JESS3, we always appreciate design in tech, but we love it in food as well! Which is why we are so excited for the release of El Bulli: Cooking in Progress.