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Dogs in Side Cars – The Absolute Cutest

Most days, JESS3 is here to provide you with the new and interesting in design news. But not today. Today we have a much simpler goal. Today we are here to tell you that dogs love sidecars, and it’s pretty damn cute. Some just want to chillax in the driveway. Some have a need for […]

Prosthetic Paws for a Pup Who Needs Them

Here at JESS3, we love design for its own sake. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate good design for a good purpose. Like this design for prosthetic paws for a rescue pup named Brutus. Here, you watch the video and we’ll try to stop crying. Who’s a good boy? Also, who keeps cutting […]

Fuzzy Friday: Scooter and Allister

Every week on “Fuzzy Friday”, we debut a different JESS3 team member’s four-legged friend. This week, I (Jeff Lowe, Director of Technology & Production) have the pleasure of introducing you to two of my best friends. Meet Scooter and Allister:

K-9 Geniuses: “Beer Me” Dog Leads the Pack

It’s a beautiful thing, the animal kingdom. Particularly the human and dog relationship. Humans simply want dogs to do human things. We’re like, “Hey, man’s very best friend, you need to know how to do this.” So, instincts kick-in and we teach them. Humans have taught dogs to play the piano, put on shoes, water ski, speak English, roll over, shake hands, make sandwiches… you get the idea. Point and case, the “beer me” dog from the YouTube video dog doing beer me.