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The Pocketbook

Ever wished someone had given you a guidebook when you first became a graphic designer? Well, now there’s one you can pick up for the low price of a tweet. Graphic designer and illustrator Cristian Eres conceived The Pocketbook with the help of contributors Cranio Dsgn, a fellow graphic designer and vector illustrator, and Grace […]

The Power of Logos

Michael Bierut of New York design firm Pentagram is an award-winning designer and industry leader. He sat down with Design Indaba to discuss logos, how they can sometimes falter and how they can transcend – important stuff for any designer to remember. Check out his insights in the video! Source: http://www.swiss-miss.com/2015/03/michael-bierut-on-the-power-of-logos.html

Designers & Code: How Much Should You Know?

It’s obvious from the job titles: designers are not programmers, and programmers aren’t here to design. But should designers be able to code? Matthew Hunt of Web Designer Depot offers his take on the issue and we have to admit, we’re fans of his thinking: You should learn the basics of coding so that you […]