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The Making of BT’s Bigger Picture Ads

and the actual commercials, via infoesthetics, “In an attempt to visually “brand” the way of delivering information, creative collective The Glue Society created a set of elaborate fluorescent tube installations to display several animated data charts for the BT Bigger Picture [bt.com.au] campaign.”

Britain From Above by BBC

“The BBC has a gorgeous documentary series Britain from Above. They take a look at Britain from the skies using satellite technology and GPS data. Watch patterns emerge as taxis, ships, and planes travel back and forth and information and data pass through Britain’s national telephone network.” via nathan curtis

Hellman’s Eat Local, Eat Real: Infographic Movie

Ogilvy Toronto did this for the site eatrealeatlocal.ca/ — The movie, with a graphical style similar to the Stranger than Fiction opening scene, is part of the campaign Eat Real, Eat Local [eatrealeatlocal.ca], by the Unilever brand Hellman’s. More information about the design process and creation of the movie can be found at the Glossy […]

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

The Short and Simple Story of the Credit Crisis.Crisisofcredit.com The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated. For more on the broader thesis work exploring the use of new media to make sense of a increasingly […]

I Want You To Want Me by Jonathan Harris

Jonathan Harris is back again this time he’s visualizing the data from online dating sites. I Want You to Want Me was commissioned by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and created by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, who you probably know from past projects, We Feel Fine and Lovelines.

ReConstitution 2008

A group of MIT grads that call themselves SoSolimited look like reservoir dogs meets blue man group. They put on a really fun live remix of the debates. Check out this PDF for more info, and see below for videos. I thought it was amazing, the only thing they were missing was the social media […]