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Visualizing Data on the Web

If you didn’t make it to OpenVis Conf 2015, you missed out on a treasure trove of data visualization content. Luckily for you, they’ve posted some videos from the conference. In one of the best from this year, Microsoft Research’s Danyel Fisher discusses a headache we’ve all experienced: wrangling data that doesn’t quite fit. Check […]

The Future of Data Visualization

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: data visualization is one of our favorite things here at JESS3. That’s why we loved Jeffrey Heer’s lecture on the future of the field. The professor and co-founder of Trifacta simply nails it with this simple idea: better end user tools will drive better analysis. After […]

A Wonderful Night for a Braindance

PLES MOŽGANOV, or “Braindance”, is an experiment bridging the gap between science and art. 20 volunteers were put into a black box with no stimuli except for sound, and as their brainwaves were measured, they listened to an audio track they had never heard before. The experiment drew from how much the listener could concentrate, […]

How JESS3 Saves Christmas

How JESS3 Saved Christmas

Did you know that Christmas almost didn’t happen this year? It’s true! Grab some cookies and milk as we tell the tale from the North Pole of how JESS3 saved Christmas. How JESS3 Saved Christmas! from JESS3

The Graphic Account: April 17, 2013

Talk about big data! This week we found a map of the Internet, an infographic of the loneliest islands on Earth, and a visualization of the distance to Mars in pixels. We think you’ll also get a kick out of a video game based on infographics and Persian rugs made from Google Maps images.

Scrolling through the Story: An Interactive Feature to Information

We’ve been particularly intrigued lately by sites that make use of infinite scroll to create stories that are both interactive and beautiful. Whether they present their data chronologically or in a taxonomy of ideas, these infographics combine a multitude of data processing to help the viewer absorb the information in stages. Innovative and fresh, we’ve chosen three that we believe do a first-class job of piecing up the data bit by bit.

The Graphic Account: March 14, 2013

From antique cartography to personalized logs, lots of beautiful connections mapped out this week! We also found visualizations that make sense of mythological relationships, suss out the virality of content, and a font like none other.

Geosocial Universe 3.0: The Not-So-Worldwide Webs

In this graphic, we look at five popular social networks from around the globe. The percentages indicate how much of a country’s population is actively using the service, illustrating that they are hefty competition for even the most popular of America’s homegrown platforms.