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As UGC Matures, No Content Is Bad Content

It’s true – no UGC is bad UGC. The “Crash the Superbowl” user-generated submissions for Superbowl advertising contest is a testament to that, as even the rejects are getting serious views and doing so in part because they are rejects!

The Content Grid v2

It feels like it was just yesterday that we released the first version of The Content Grid with Eloqua. I remember it particularly clearly because pitching it was my very first project as JESS3’s newest hire last June. At the time, the infographic seemed incredibly complex to me, so I broke it down in terms that I thought anyone would be able to digest, regardless of their level of experience in content marketing: “The Content Grid is a visual guideline that plots out two things: 1) who should create content and 2) how it should be distributed for the biggest sales impact.”

a Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3

Just last week, we worked Samsung to make a case for why social websites are good for business. Well, we are here to make a case for content. Literally. A Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3 View more presentations from JESS3. Working with Eloqua‘s triumvirate Joe Chernov (head of content / communications), Brian Kardon […]


New content sharing community is getting hyped.