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A Frank Discussion About Emoji Diversity

Are emojis awesome? Yes, for so many reasons. But awesome doesn’t mean perfect. Here, some of the world’s foremost emoji experts explore the recent strides emojis have made, and discuss how far they still have to go. Source: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7022474/the-new-emojis-have-a-meeting?ref=videos

Creepy Cupid: Bad OKCupid Messages As Valentines

We took several of our favorite real (real creepy, that is) OKCupid messages and sprinkled them with design magic to make them shareable Valentine’s Day graphics. They’re kind of like the ones you might have gotten in the first grade, except…wrong. Just plain wrong. Send them to your valentine—or your worst enemy.

The Meth Minute Cartoon Series

This web series is really funny. Episode 21 of “The Meth Minute” cartoon series is an attempt at taking the children’s entertainment industry by storm with a slew of new kid-show ideas. As it turns out, our kid-show ideas are likely to confuse children, which makes them even more amusing to grown-ups! Featuring special guest-star […]