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How JESS3 Drove 200,000 Views to a Video

With the breadth, depth and trustworthiness to warrant billions of pageviews monthly, Wikipedia is a cause célèbre in the techy community. It began with fits and starts, but has since blossomed to become a place where anyone at any time can settle (almost) any bet. Tracing the meteoric rise of Wikipedia over its first 10 […]

The Geosocial Universe PR Case Study

In August of 2010, the JESS3 team launched The Geosocial Universe 1.0 to determine who the biggest players were in the location-based landscape. Since then, acquisitions, mergers and IPOs have happened, so we decided it needed an update. The Geosocial Universe 2.0 pairs a new a design that better displays the comparison between the total […]