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GBH on Game Changing Branding

There’s good design, and then there’s superstar design. London-based agency Gregory Bonner Hale, more often known as GBH, falls into the latter category. With names like Puma, Levi Strauss, and Virgin Galactic on their client roster, their designs are getting some serious attention. Recently, GBH founders Jason Gregory, Mark Bonner and Peter Hale sat down […]

The Magic of Branding

Branding is more than crafting a product or cultivating idea. It’s about altering your perspective and seeing things from the consumer’s point of view. Branding can be very complex, but the brilliant David Brier has simplified it into a 2 minute video. Check it out! For more of David Brier’s work, visit his website at http://www.risingabovethenoise.com/  

Setting the Stage to Work Inspired: Mindjet Murals

How do you inspire an entire workplace to collaborate better? As thought leaders in the field of office collaboration, Mindjet wanted to walk the talk and inspire their team, so they came to JESS3 to design and install custom murals on “great collaborations in history” for their new office in the heart of San Francisco. Having done our own mural in the original JESS3 HQ in the DC office, we were excited to tackle a new mural experience. More than anything, we enjoyed helping Mindjet create a physical representation of their new, collaborative outlook.

The Wired Ones: Advice for People Building Brands

When Peter asked me to do these videos I jumped at the opportunity. I think what he has done is great for the DC scene, and we need more people like him to get the ball rolling. Episode #3 includes: Peter Corbett, iStrategyLabs, (host) Hooman Radfar, CEO, ClearSpring Leslie Brandshaw, President, JESS3 and CM/PM at […]


Today, Ted Leonsis announced SnagFilms, a project JESS3 did all the branding and web design for. Logo, Style Guide, Widget design, UI Wireframes, Color Design and CSS. Check it out http://www.snagfilms.com/ http://del.icio.us/tag/snagfilms Ted blogs about SnagFilms