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The Graphic Account: April 17, 2013

Talk about big data! This week we found a map of the Internet, an infographic of the loneliest islands on Earth, and a visualization of the distance to Mars in pixels. We think you’ll also get a kick out of a video game based on infographics and Persian rugs made from Google Maps images.

The Graphic Account: 1-23-13

Once the go-to small talk topic, you can now have a serious conversation about the weather. This week, we found an interactive map that uses data about climate to lead to incredible discoveries. Other highlights include a visualization that may determine your Oscar picks and the origins of the infographic.

First Look at Google+

We’re getting an early look at Google+ here at the JESS3 offices. A lot of the early buzz (pun intended) notes that Google+ (Google Plus for SEO purposes) is an answer to Facebook. Playing with it for the past two days, I’d have to agree – although at this early stage it’s like Facebook with […]


WidgetDevCamp is a DevCamp-style event in Washington DC for anyone interested in Widget and modular app development.


Pictobrowser widget creates a new way for you to show off your photo slideshows.