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MyIdol: Lose Yourself in your Digital Selfie

Sorry, but I’m about to introduce you to your next addiction. MyIdol is just too cool to not share. What’s a MyIdol? Just an app that every one is talking about. MyIdol is a free Chinese app that will make you want to learn the language – not that the app’s hard to figure out. […]

“We Put a Chip in It!”

JESS3 just discovered an amazing tumblr called “We Put a Chip in it!” Their motto: “It was just a dumb thing. Then we put a chip in it. Now it’s a smart thing.” The entire tumblr is dedicated to celebrating smart devices that, let’s be honest, may not have needed to be smart devices to […]

Periscope – Seeing the World Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Have you ever imagined trying to see through someone else’s eyes? Well, thanks to the efforts of Periscope, that’s finally possible. Periscope,¬†available now, is an incredible app that lets you broadcast live video to the world!¬†Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and favorite in real time. As you receive more […]

Stickered for Messenger

If you’re looking to add some free fun to your photos, look no further than Stickered for Messenger. This free new app allows you to place stickers over your photos. And did I mention “free”? Source: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/12/22/facebook-stickered-for-ios/ The app is simple. Choose a sticker, adjust its size and rotation with two fingers, and trash whatever […]

GOOG announces Google App Engine

Arrington describes: “Google App Engine is designed for developers who want to run their entire application stack, soup to nuts, on Google resources. Amazon, by contrast, offers more of an a la carte offering with which developers can pick and choose what resources they want to use.”