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TV Ratings (and Papercut & Puppets) 101

There’s just something about the air in Los Angeles. I mean, besides the smog. When I flew out there this summer to meet with the team assembled by JESS3’s Creative Director Mark Kulakoff, I was so impressed with the cast of characters. We were all prepared for the long day of work we knew was ahead of us. And while it could have been a nightmare, the day was smooth sailing. Everyone was incredibly flexible — our set designer even helped behind the puppet desk at one point. There  was surprisingly little ego across the board; instead, I was taken aback by a team-oriented attitude dedicated to producing five minutes of magic.

Moleskine Perspectives

Virgilio Villoresi and Neue Big have created a fun in-camera video that highlights new Moleskine products. The use of depth and small props gives this video a charming style.

Our Mozilla Firefox 4 Animation

As devoted users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser, it was not only exciting to hear about the awesome new features on the Firefox 4 browser, but also get a chance to participate in the announcement by crafting a beautiful and informative animation to go along with its release. Using advanced digital-animation techniques, the video simulates a […]

the JESS3 designed Google Translate video

With the help of social networking and ever evolving communications tools, our planet is getting smaller each day. Long distance relationships, business or personal, that just years ago would’ve seemed difficult are now considered the norm. For example: JESS3 employs team members in more than 10 countries, from Paris to Argentina, Sweden to the UK […]

the Itsy Bitsy Spider

“Itsy Bitsy Spider” is a mini-movie that was released with 1992’s Bebe’s Kids. Only 7 minutes long and packed solid with laughs.”Itsy Bitsy Spider” stars Jim Carrey (as James Carrey), Thora Birch and a couple of other people. Bebe’s Kids is an animated feature produced by the Hudlin Brothers and Hyperion Pictures, directed by Bruce […]

Stop Motion Animation is always inspiring when done right

I want to do a short stop motion animation film for a client, anyone out there have a budget for one? “Each scene was shot on a home-made dolly by an insane bunch of animators; you can see time-lapse films of each sequence being prepared and shot below.” Welcome to our city – to our […]