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Ikea Facebook tagging campaign

Ikea Malmö moved from their old boring building in the outskirts to a shiny new one near the Svågertorp train station. The new Ikea is much larger, recycles everything, and uses only green electricity to boot in order to become the first Ikea with the smallest carbon footprint. In order to attract people to Ikea, [...]


Levi’s – OPioneers! (Go Forth) Commercial

Levi’s OPioneers! commercial from their new GO FORTH campaign. Directed by Cary Fukunaga for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland using poem by Walt Whitman. powerful! and it totally reminds me of where the wild things are. same font style and everything and the coldplay video for viva la vida


the movie Lemonade

This recession has shown us that the near future is going to bring lots of unemployment. A theme I have been talking about forever! is the idea of a renaissance in artisan production and niche creative services. http://www.lemonademovie.com More than 70,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this Great Recession. Lemonade is about what [...]