Drone Racing is Here

Yes, Drone racing is a real thing. DRL (Drone Racing League) features FPV racing drones, the top drone pilots in the world and courses that you need to see to believe. Fingers crossed this sport expands into everyday life. Check out the rad drone racing vids below \/ GIF by JESS3 LABS

Morphin’ McLeod

The strangely relaxing flow of David McLeod’s unique motion work has got us watching them on loop. Originally from Australia, McLeod now lives and works in New York City as an Illustrator and Artist. His work is focused on experimental and textural CGI illustration, bespoke typography and lettering. If you are digging on these freaky […]

30 GIFs in 30 days

Do you love GIFs? What about NYC? Then check this out – James Curran spent 30 days in New York City where he animated a fresh GIF every day. From taxis through to pickles, each GIF is inspired by something that happened during his stay. If you could do your own NYC GIF, What would […]

Growing Typography

Ari Weinkle brings calligraphy to life with a new experimental project titled ‘Growths’. Juxtaposing the elegance of copperplate calligraphy with abnormal organic formations to create something truly unique. Relax and take a minute to watch the full set in motion – featuring “Lord Knows Best” by Dirty Beaches. Growths from Ari Weinkle on Vimeo. via […]

Sony’s Lightbulb Speaker

This is a combo we never saw coming: the LED lightbulb/speaker combo. A few models are out already, but Sony is the first player on the scene that’s also a trusted name in audio. Neither bulb nor speaker is the strongest, but they’re perfect for a quiet evening in. With the connected music app, SongPal, […]

The Pocketbook

Ever wished someone had given you a guidebook when you first became a graphic designer? Well, now there’s one you can pick up for the low price of a tweet. Graphic designer and illustrator Cristian Eres conceived The Pocketbook with the help of contributors Cranio Dsgn, a fellow graphic designer and vector illustrator, and Grace […]

Seahorse Underwater Home

This is a pretty sweet house/boat, right? You’ve got your living space, your roof deck, your pool (otherwise known as the ocean). What more could one need? Well, for starters, how about an underwater bedroom with glass walls? Dubai real estate agency Kleindienst Group has created a fleet of these floating dream houses, nicknamed “floating […]

The Hadaway House Redefines Log Cabin

Vancouver-based Patkau Architects’ masterful Hadaway House in Whistler, British Columbia, is unique for a few obvious reasons – and a few less obvious. Check out the incredible pictures below, and find out what makes this place so special! Hadaway House was designed from the outside in. Building regulations in this area are strict – from […]

Chapeaus by Chilli Philly

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you raised your hand, please leave. For everyone else, may I present the work of Melbourne-based artist Phil Ferguson, who deals in crochet, Instagram, and a serious(ly great) case of terminal mopeface. Pizza headgear not quite your thing? Maybe you’re more of a left coast type. You need a taco. […]