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by Jesse Thomas


Old Spice Game: Starring You!

Retro style videogame puts you into the amazing world of Old Spice

We all know the Old Spice marketing, it is crazy and incredibly effective. So what happens when a videogame is made in the universe of Old Spice? Magic – that’s what happens.

The customizable experience throws you and your Facebook friends faces onto the game characters – creating immediate laughs and a connection with the experience. Its ’80s 8-bit charm also helps.

Youland offers you a choice of three games or ‘scents’. All of which are a good laugh, with your friends popping up occasionally as npcs.

So check out Youland and experience the sweaty office boss, talking animals & rocket tiger. It’s a quick, wild romp with a nostalgic chiptune soundtrack that leaves a smile on your face. Play Here

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