Incredible I-P-O-cle Installation

“An installation simulating the way we perceive the reality that exist in our physical world and the various layers, variables, cycles that are present in this process of perceiving.” – Candas Sisman

This installation is immediately eye-catching with its unique use of light as the focus – but what does I-P-O-cle mean?

I – Input, P – Process, O – Output, cle – Cycle  |  The I-P-O-cle is created with a strong light source, lenses, a convex mirror, a fog machine and a sound system; installed inside a dark shipping container. The light source shoots through the lenses, which are hung perfectly aligned. When the light reaches the mirror, the convex mirror twists the light and reflects it back through the lenses. To help the human eye capture the light, a fog machine is kept running at all times.

Check out the video to see  I-P-O-cle in action

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