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by Taylor Crisdale


Half Dozen 02 | Luis Pinto

Let’s get you over those hump day blues with a fun chat and some tasty artworks.

Half Dozen – 6 straight to the point Qs. Excellent!
Second up to the plate is Luis Pinto – a radical artist heavily influenced by symbolism and ancient cultures.

Luis is a very busy fella; if you keep an eye on his Behance it is a constant stream of inspiring artworks and his great use of color puts most designers to shame…shame…shame…

Q1 Yo Luis! Great to have you onboard for Half Dozen. How would you describe your style of artwork?

Hi Guys! I tend to describe it as colorful & symbolic, with a strong sense of magic realism/surrealism as inspiration.

Q2 What/who was the catalyst for you developing such a unique style?

My curiosity for legends, traditions & folk stories of ancient cultures from Mexico / Latin America and other countries around the world, Mexican muralism , surrealist movements & pop culture.

Q3 What is the most memorable thing you have created?

The most memorable pieces that I’ve created were for a solo exhibition called “La República del Mono” (The Republic of the Monkey). The exhibition was dedicated to B'aatz' ("monkey" for the Mayan culture) which is the "thread" of all that is past, present & future. He's the artist, the musician, the trickster, the actor & the storyteller. Monkey is the ancestor in the trees that howls at his own fate as much as he laughs at ours. Monkey incarnates the unraveling of time and the development of humanity through evolution an its transformations. The concept was inspired by the Popol Vuh, guatemalan traditions & pop culture.

Q4  What advice do you have for creators that struggle with finding their own creative niche and pressures to tone back their creations to suit mainstream tastes/trends?

Keep true to yourself (even if it sounds like a cliché). It is important to know what you want & why you do it. Otherwise you get lost and frustrated.
You have to believe in your work. What I’ve found useful is to try new things, sketch a lot & have fun with your creative process.

Also don’t forget to travel: you’re citizens of the world.

Q5  What music do you prefer to listen to while creating?

It really depends on the project. Usually when I try to concentrate I put a little bit of classical music (Beethoven is awesome) or movie soundtracks. But when I want something energetic I tend to listen to jazz or funk music.

Q6  What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on new client commissions, a solo exhibition (I hope to finish it soon), planning some illustration workshops around the world and on the lookout for mural projects/spaces.

Find Luis at:



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