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by Taylor Crisdale


Half Dozen 01 | Ari Weinkle

Introducing Half Dozen, a new series of weekly quick chats with creators who push into rad and innovative places with their creations. To kick it off we have a JESS3 team favourite – Abstract artist Ari Weinkle. Woot!

So why ‘Half Dozen’? Cause that’s how many questions we hit the creative with, no filler – just 6 straight to the point Qs. Can you dig it?

Ari is no stranger to experimenting with alternate creative styles, with his ‘feelers’ series of tentacle, sea-life type series blowing up across the net. He uses many different forms such as the human figure, geometric objects, organic shapes, and typography. Let’s see what he has to say…

Q1 Hi Ari! We love your amazing creations, how would you describe your style of artwork?

My style is experimental and lives somewhere on the edge of the digital organic divide.

Q2 What/who was the catalyst for you developing such a unique style?

Going to art school at RISD was certainly a big factor. But beyond that I have known a lot of digital artists since I was in high school. I was part of several art groups and collectives trying to make cool and experimental stuff.

Q3 What is the most memorable thing you have created?

Hmm. I’m not sure. I think my “Feelers” piece is probably the most memorable – just because it kind of went viral. I certainly never expected that…

Q4  What advice do you have for creators that struggle with finding their own creative niche and pressures to tone back their creations to suit mainstream tastes/trends?

Do you own thing and stick with your vision. Well it’s a lot easier to emulate others, it’s worth the initial struggle to pave your own way.

Q5  What music do you prefer to listen to while creating?

I am a music junkie. My favorite genres are electronic, hip-hop, and indie rock. You can dig in deeper on my last.fm page (http://www.last.fm/user/think-long)

Q6  What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

I’m working on two new digital projects. I’d also like to create something more tangible in the coming year such as an outdoor sculpture.

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