Brilliant Colors

Color & shape, 2 of the fundamentals of design, are used to amazing effect in this PANTONE brand campaign by Sub Rosa.

“This campaign direction tells the story of “creating with color” through experimentation and articulating dimensionality for each of the three areas of Pantone’s core products. How space is activated and engaged will emphasize this metaphor. Each vignette will emphasize the unique characteristics and properties of how, in real life, color affects the surfaces. Print and graphic color books are used to create 2D flat objects (printed sheets of paper or digital elements). Fashion and home color books are used for material that, although originally flat, ultimately covers dimensional objects.” – Diego Marini | Campaign Creative Director

I’m addicted to this kind of use of color. High contrast, bright palettes can be incredible when used correctly. With the great sense of movement that the dancers bring to the composition, you can’t help but wish you could see them in motion.

Here are a few highlights of the campaign:

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