Soigné Small Plates with Chef Jacques La Merde

Never let it be said that JESS3 doesn’t love food. Sure, sometimes the food scene can get a little too pretentious. But that’s what happens with artists. Like Chef Jacques La Merde, one of our favorite new faces on Instagram.

At first, his feed looks like any other molecular gastronomy experiment. But look closer.

Is that… ants on a log made with Cheez Whiz and Craisins? Yes. Yes, it is. And there’s so much more. Check out this dubious-looking masterpiece – and don’t miss the description:

WHOS READY 4 SRVICE ???!!! BOOM WE’VE GOT THE BLINK 182 BLASTING AND ARE READY TO GRILL IT AND THRILL IT 2NITE !!! READY 2 EAT JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE W/ CANNED SPRING VEG, FRENCH’S, FRITOS HOOPS + PISTACHIO SOIL. PALATE CLEANSING SHOT OF FERMENTED LAKE MICHIGAN WATER W/ NUTISIONAL YEAST RIM !!!! #wildchefs #foodporn #theartofplating #gastroart #finedining #fermentation #cheap papers #hoops #seasonal #plateswagger #truecooks #soigné #blink182

A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on Mar 26, 2015 at 3:13pm PDT


Bon appétit!


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