The Graphic Account: February 25, 2013

This week’s roundup is a good reminder of how visualizations add to the stories that raw data tells. From carbon emissions to Batman, this crop of data visualizations lead us to some astonishing insights. See what we mean below, and then catch up on our past accounts here.

[Visualization] An Interactive Analysis of Tolkien’s Works

A visually rich repository of graphs and interactive visualizations that take a look at the many written works of Tolkien. If you’re either a data geek or a Tolkien nerd, you’ll love what the LOTR Project has put together here.

[Infographic] Units of Measurement

This exquisite calendar poster by Acre beautifully details 12 of the most common measurements used by people in their day-to-day life and some not so common, including astronomical units, decibel and aperture. Absolutely indispensable!

[Infographic] Among the Oscar Contenders

The New York Times have created this unusual looking network map to show the history and connections between this year’s Oscar nominated actors, producers and directors. Hover over the different elements to find out more.

[Map] Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks

Overlay income data with Google Maps, and what do you get? A super detailed, easy to read visualization of every wealthy and not-so-wealthy neighbourhood in the U.S.

[Infographic] The Colour of Popular Music

More fantastic work from Dorothy, the design agency that brought us the Film and Song Maps. This time, with The Colour of Popular Music, Dorothy has taken the names of 154 bands and artists with a color in their title, including the likes of Black Sabbath, White Stripes and Deep Purple, and plotted them onto a color wheel, which subsequently looks like a record!

[Visualization] Emission Globe

Designed by Robbie TiltonThe Emission Globe represents the world’s carbon emissions by country. In Robbie’s worlds “the globe hopes to bring awareness to the massive amount of pollution we generate, and encourages us as a global society to start proactively acting to reduce our environmental impact.”

[Book] My Life in Graphs

A wonderful personal compendium full of fill-in-yourself tables, diagrams and charts to visually record your life. The perfect gift for that data nerd in your life!

[Chart] Danger of Death!

Using U.S. data, The Economist has created this enlightening chart that details the odds of dying from a wide variety of causes. For example, did you know that it’s more likely for you to be killed by lightning than a dog bite or a bee / wasp sting?

[Chart Humor] Tracking the Name Bruce

And to round off this week, we have this charming chart that highlights the fact that if you track the popularity of the name Bruce, you get Batman. Enjoy!

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