The Graphic Account: February 18, 2013

Where do people check-in in your town? What do people name their dogs in New York City?  This edition of The Graphic Account answers all these questions and more. Read up on the best in information design below, then catch up on any past posts you missed here.

[Visualisation] U.S. Gun Murders in 2010

Periscopic have created this eye-opening visualization that examines the FBI’s Crime Report figures on gun murders. In 2010 alone, almost 10,000 people were killed, 58% of who were aged 30 or younger.

[Map] Foursquare Check-ins

Foursquare shows you what over 500,000,000 check-ins looks like with their latest map-based visualization. Part of the beauty of the map is that it allows you to zoom right in to your city showing you where the hive of activity is in your area.

[Inspiration] Handmade Data Visualisation

These wonderfully simple, but effective, charts prove that data visualization can really bring statistics to life.

[Visualisation] Flowing City

A repository of fantastic city-based visualizations ranging from Taxis in Vienna to explorations of a data-driven operating system for cities.

[Inspiration] Histomap Revisited

The Histomap is probably one of the most well-recognized early examples of information design. It summarizes over 4,000 years worth of world history, not only mapping the rise and fall of various empires, but also logging key events in the past. Santiago Ortiz took The Histomap one step further and made it interactive! Now you can easily scroll through thousands of years of history, and click on the time periods to find out more. Marvelous!

[App] WeatherTable

WeatherTable is a soon-to-be-released app for iPhone which displays a visual overview of the day’s weather, hour-by-hour using nice, clean charts.

[Chart Humour] Personal Finance on a Napkin

Over on The New York Times, Carl Richards, a financial planner, explains the basics of money through simple sketches on napkins.

[Cartography] Dogs of NYC

Dogs of NYC provides you with a way to explore New York City’s dog names and breeds by area, right down to the zip code!

[Inspiration] Hand-drawn Infographic

Olivia King, a typographer from Sydney, painstakingly hand-drew this delightful infographic for The Distillery, all about printing with ink, including a chart of the PMS quantities proportional to their print runs.

[Inspiration] Heartbeats

And if you haven’t gotten your fill of romance yet, Pop Chart Labs have created this lovely poster which distills nearly 200 heart-based songs from popular music into individual “cardiac icons.”

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