Creepy Cupid: Bad OKCupid Messages As Valentines

Of the 54 million single Americans out there, a reported 40 million have tried online dating. That’s a lot of profile clicks and cheesy virtual pickup lines. Most of the time, the messages sent through online dating sites are innocuous enough, but every time people are afforded pseudonymity (i.e. the anonymity of a made-up user name), things are going to get wacky. Thanks to Tumblrs like It’s Not OK Cupid, Dead Cupid and OKCupid, Kill Me,  these messages—which range from the misguided to the deeply offensive—have been captured for all of us to point and laugh at.

Below, we took several of our favorite real (real creepy, that is) OKCupid messages and sprinkled them with design magic to make them shareable Valentine’s Day graphics. They’re kind of like the ones you might have gotten in the first grade, except…wrong. Just plain wrong. Send them to your valentine—or your worst enemy.

Please note that all spelling is the sender’s own.

Want to share one? Find them at the JESS3 FB page.


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