Numbers As Storytellers: JESS3 Hosts An Andy Kirk Workshop

And the reviews are in!

Last week, we hosted Andy Kirk of Visualizing Data for a workshop at our Los Angeles HQ. The topic? Creating narratives out of numbers. As JESS3 designer Robyn Baker commented, “Andy’s class allowed me to walk in a strategist’s shoes for a day.”

The all-day class mixed informative lectures and collaborative exercises where participation was encouraged. Three JESS3 designers were in attendance, as well as a dozen other professionals including creative directors, business analysts, project managers and data scientists.

We asked our designers to tell us what they thought, and here are the highlights as well as a couple snapshots from the class.

“Andy seemed very informed and articulate, he seemed to have a deep understanding of the functionality, communication and power of data based graphics.” -Lane Kinkade

“Entering the uncomfortable and unfamiliar areas of excel spreadsheets and hard numbers ended up being a lot easier than I had anticipated. I learned that there is an infinite amount of comparisons and stories to be told by comparing figures.” -Robyn Baker

“Experiencing how to make a story out of a large set of data made me appreciate all the work that goes into an infographic before we receive the wireframes. Seeing the other teams’ approach to a set of data (especially those who were not designers) gave me new insight on how the average viewer might approach data viz.” -Jehoaddan Kulakoff

“With these new perspectives on how to interpret data, and interesting ways to format it, I feel refreshed and excited to use these new skills in my design process.” -Robyn Baker

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