The End Is…Probably Not Very Near

It’s the end of world as we know it…or is it? The Maya Long Count calendar reaches the end of its cycle this Friday, December 21, and various doomsday theories have predicted either an apocalypse or a global spiritual transformation. We’re hoping for the latter rather than the former, but all signs seem to be pointing to nothing special happening, as NASA points out.

But fact or fiction, all this talk of cataclysm is nothing new. Remember Y2K? Remember Harold Camping? And those are just examples from our short (but hopefully getting much, much longer) lifetimes. The Jehovah’s Witnesses alone have made about 20 doomsday predictions over the past 135 years, and of course none have, to our knowledge, come to pass.

So to help you rest assured, and remind you of the rich human imaginations that have produced all kinds of prophecies, predictions, and prognostications over the centuries, JESS3 is proud to bring you this snackable timeline of all the dates* we were told the world was going to end—and it didn’t.

* According to the fantastic Wikipedia editors who compiled this list of divinations

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