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by Brad Cohen


Label Me Do: A Look at Extraordinary Wine & Beer Labels

Wine label design has been so interesting as wine drinking has become more popular all over the world. There are some labels that want to make you judge the book by the cover, some that staunchly cling to their classic looks, some that try to emulate classic looks, modern and experimental ones, and also plenty of terrible awful stuff. But occasionally we get to see some truly beautiful ones. I don’t buy my wine by the label (ok, it might have some effect, but not a big one!), but it sure makes shopping fun! It’s not just wine either, beer cans are exciting to watch right now as well. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites!

And here is one suggested by our Information Design Director, Tiffany. It was designed by none other than Nicholas Felton:

Beer though is also where it’s at right now for me.¬†Awesome beer cans lately from:¬†21st Ammendment:


What spawned this post? Our co-founder Leslie Bradshaw‘s family owns a little gem called Bradshaw Vinyards. JESS3’s designer Flo and our PM Lydia worked together and hooked mama Bradshaw up with magical crate labels for harvest. Have a look and Cheers!

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