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by Brandi Jackson


Beyonce and Jay-Z Bust-a-Move for Obama

Most mornings are uneventful.

I wake up, glance at my phone to ensure there aren’t any frantic texts about missed planes or needed conference line numbers, go running and then sit down with my coffee to check over the early bird emails that I couldn’t check before I went to bed.

See?  Uneventful.

Yesterday morning, however, I woke up to this in my inbox:

I’m sorry, but Mr. Gmail account say wha!?

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but does that say Beyonce Knowles. As in:

Why is she emailing me?

After checking to ensure that I was in fact conscious, that I wasn’t hallucinating and that my eyesight hadn’t been impaired by any alcohol that I could remember drinking, I continued to stare at my screen. Double-take. Is that you, Beyonce?

I realized this could be one of two things:

  1. A prank that once I clicked on this email my computer would self destruct.
  2. An actual email from Beyonce, perhaps she needed a nanny and had heard I would work beautifully as Blue Ivy’s caretaker. Either way, both ideas seemed a tad far fetched and it was probably my lack of caffeine that had prompted each scenario…


So, I clicked on it.  Not much more I could do than that.

Now, I wouldn’t get too excited, it was neither a job offer nor a virtual bomb but instead an invitation to join she, Jay-Z and Obama in NYC (after, of course, donating to his campaign).  Clever Democratic Party, clever.

Brilliant in a way because Jay-Z and Beyonce, the power couple in hiphop, not only promise to spark an interest in getting people to open one of the billion political emails they will receive every day between now and the election, but also, it appeals to the youth and is a subtle encouragement to not only get them involved but also as a way to make sure they are registered to vote.

It’s no secret that the candidate who is able to get the younger generations out to vote will have a leg up in the race and the democratic party is bringing together the pop culture we can’t get enough of and a free trip to meet the celebrities we idealize as a way to encourage political action.

Now, I fully understand that Beyonce more than likely didn’t write this email and it’s probably another way of online campaigning; however, their goal for this minor misleading email?

To get people to open it.

It’s that first step during this time in the campaign season that is the hardest.  People are so bombarded with ad after ad, commercial after commercial, news story after news story, that we start to ignore anything with the colors of red, white or blue.  Not because we don’t care but because it becomes overwhelming.  This strategy?  Using our pull towards pop culture against us in order to make us pay attention, to click on the invitation and to guide us to the Obama site where we can read up on his platforms and become more informed thus giving us motivation to vote in a particular direction?


They got my donation, but I’m still waiting on that job offer from Beyonce that I’m sure is coming.

Now for more details on the fundraiser. If you’re interested it’s at Jay-Z’s club, 40/40 and, coincidentally enough, they cost $40,000-a-plate. Is this the first time the power couple has been involved in Obama’s election? Nope…

Beyonce singing at the Obamas during the 2009 Inaugural Ball:

Jay-Z singing at an event during Obama’s election campaign in 2008:

Beyonce wearing American garb as a Destiny Child:

And again with Lady Gaga:

Take two:

For other news, feel free to see other fundraising endeavors like:

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Here is what Jon Stewart has to say about the celeb-rilection:

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