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by Brad Cohen


A Secret Mission For You From JESS3

JESS3 needs your help! We are collecting info about social and marketing behavior online for a new interactive piece we’re producing. We’re asking our friends and supporters to fill out this survey in exchange for a chance at free JESS3 stuff, http://jes3.com/SSP_1.

A Secret Mission For You From JESS3 from JESS3

If you help us out we’ll let you know when the project launches so you can see first-hand what you helped with. Participants also have a chance at winning awesome JESS3 swag. If you provide contact information we promise we won’t use it for anything other than alerting you of the project launch and entering you to win JESS3 stuff. If you don’t want to include your contact information, no worries, you can still fill out the survey and we will be eternally grateful for your participation!

And for the layyyydies:


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