Must Watch: Sound of Noise

How awesome is it that the best movies always happen to play on hotel TV screens? During my recent stay at the Ace Hotel in NYC, I stumbled across a Swiss-French gem, Sound of Noise. Make sure to add this one to your Netflix cue!

Starring Bengt Nilsson, Sanna Persson and Magnus Börjeson, the film tells the story of a tone-deaf police officer’s attempts to track down a group of six rogue percussionists. This group coordinates acts of “musical terrorism” in various locales around a metropolis, including (but not limited to!) a rectal surgery patient in a hospital room and bulldozers thumping the ground in front of a music hall. With its wicked originality, Sound of Noise is sure to become a cult classic. The New York Times called it a “dry treat,” and Michael Dunaway of Paste Magazine named the film one of his 25 Best Movies of 2012.

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