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by Anna Geary


Advertising Placement: An Untold Battle

The front page: every advertiser’s dream. Or how about the prime spot in the centerfold? Almost as equally prized. Advertising buyers have every square inch down of a paper or magazine space to a science. Certain ad positions sell more and certain colors boast the consumer’s recall. But, when the advertisers lose control, the paper’s editors get a little too clever, ¬†or fate decides to have a sense of humor,¬†hilarity ensures. Courtesy of Happy Place, I bring you The World’s Most Inappropriate Advertising Placements.

Hopefully, they at least gave out some free loaves.

Maybe that’s how the Titanic recruited its passengers.

That’s awkward..

I’m sure this really helped his new patient inquiries.

They built a test for Anatidaephobia built right into this article. How considerate!

I’m sure a lot of those coupons were used.

Too little, too late?

I’ve always wondered what was really in those things.

I seriously hope this was unintentional.


This is the winner in my book.

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