Haters gonna hate, and Tweeters gonna tweet. Celebrities know this all too well, as Twitter users increasingly take to their feeds to shout agression and insults at stars. The faceless Internet provides a sense of protection and confidence, I suppose. Back in March, Jimmy Kimmel found the perfect response method to these cyber bullies: turn the joke on them. Last night, he aired “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” part two.

Don’t worry, the Biebs got some loving too…

Mike Piazza’s reaction = priceless.

Kristen Stewart’s appearance is sadly ironic. I’m sure this is the least aggressive Tweet she will see in a long time, as angry Robert Pattinson fans react to the news of her cheating¬†scandal.

I make fun of celebrities just as much as the next person, so this segment left me with a few questions about my character, and human nautre in general. Why do we feel the need to unleash such agression and teasing at people we don’t even know? Are we jealous of celebrities’¬†fame and fortune, so we nitpick their every move? Like it did for me, maybe this video will make you think twice about your next celebrity-aimed spiteful comment.

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