Call Me Hope

Now in its fifth year, San Francisco-based non-profit Mama Hope continues to connect people in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda with life-altering resources. With its unconventional connected development approach, Mama Hope tackles the challenges of poverty and need from the ground up. It operates with three core phrases: listen, connect and enable.

This is the second video in Mama Hope’s “Stop the Pity, Unlock the Potential Campaign.”  Paul Simon, dancing kids, bad lip-synching, and music crossing miles of cultural and geographical distance. With 130 participants in 72 locations across the U.S. and Africa, “Call Me Hope” tells a story of connection and potential, instead of contrast and poverty.

Cheers to Mama Hope for creating a campaign that disregards age, race, gender, ethnicity, occupation, income bracket and nationality to bring hope and inspire talents, dreams and passions.

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