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With our appetite for customizable, interactive experiences growing, Condition One burst onto the scene in 2011 with a fully-immersive video experience. Billed as “a highly engaging experience built for a highly engaging platform,” Condition One’s iPad app delivers just that, with just a couple vexing flaws.

In its current state, Condition One is an incredibly engaging, entertaining and intuitive experience. It’s clean, attractive and easy to navigate.


The current version is plagued with image resolution woes, lack of material, and a limited 180 degree view. But, it has the potential to give tablet owners the power to escape to sandy beaches, to mosh at a rock concert, or to be on the frontlines of a warzone. In Condition One, I see an app with the power to change the way we see and experience news. Take its currently downloadable Libya, March 2011 “experience.” It puts you right in the middle of the action, and moves as you go. The perspective is totally unique, albeit emotionally jarring.

But it’s not all deep stuff, Condition One can be a relaxing getaway as well.

While image resolution and lack of 360 degree video ability are keeping Condition One from being the viral app it could be, its developers are taking steps to make this a reality. With recent backing from Mark Cuban, Condition One could become what it aims to be, “a panoramic unique experience in viewing video, one that is going to be the future of both on-demand and live entertainment, in your home and on your mobile device.”

In the words of Mr. Cuban, “Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!”

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