Young Money, Meet Old Money

If you didn’t catch what Gizmodo is calling “the most magical moment in Twitter history,” stop what you’re doing and make sure you follow good ol’ T. Boone to see what he might tweet next.

(Image courtesy of Gizmodo.)

As a fellow Oklahoman, and an alumna to Oklahoma State University, where energy tycoon Pickens also claims his alma mater and much of his legacy through record-breaking financial donations, I love every last bit about the dynamics of what happened today.

Even though we all know T. Boone isn’t monitoring his Twitter account himself, I love the authenticity in the tweet; having met Pickens a few times, I have no doubt this literally would have been his rebuttal. (Now, whether or not he knows who Drake is is another thing).

Gizmodo couldn’t have summed it up more perfectly:

“There has never before been a point in history when a young black guy rich off of Canadian soap operas and luxury super-rap could exchange words with a quasi-eccentric super-rich octogenarian who loves wind power. Now they can—in public. And that, simply, is awesome.”

And gaining another 5,000 followers in a less than a day isn’t too shabby.

Get ’em, Boone!

PS: Boone was born in the same teeny, tiny town as my grandfather, Holdenville — population of a whopping 5,588!

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